• you specify the departure time (regardless of time zone or calendar)

Who are we flying for?prokoho

  • for those who like comfort, speed and safety
  • for businessmen, managers and management companies
  • for families and friends traveling on holiday


From where to whereodkudkam

  • Departure of your flight can be from any airport
  • Any Airport in the range of our flight radio
  • Destination of your trip can be rescheduled during flight
  • You can also use a small grassy airport (over 90 in CR)



  • traveling with pets
  • luxury equipment with comfortable leatheranatomical seats
  • Always provide small and tasty snacks
  • assortment of cold drinks from the minibar



  • check-in takes place separately from the bulk handlingscheduled flights at the terminal for private flights
  • without a long wait at the airport - 15 minutes before departure just
  • We can provide you with transportation from the airport to your destination



  • We have the fastest form of travel
  • no waiting in queues and airport lounges
  • time savings with private flights are approximately 80%



  • Air transport is the safest form of travel not only on the long distancei
  • Our aircraft are equipped with modern avionics, including navigation and GNSS satellitesystems that allow flying at night and in low weather conditions
  • Our aircraft is undergoing regular inspections at authorized service centers
  • aircraft, the flight and passengers are insured on each flight

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